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Can lettrs integrate with other major social networks?

Yes. lettrs fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp with a simple tap of a button on every letter or stamp shared publicly on the network.

Can lettrs send via SMS/Text message?

Yes. Letters can be sent privately to one or many contacts in your phone via SMS/Text message, even to contacts who do not have the app. They will receive a preview image of the letter, prompting them to download the app to write back.

Can lettrs integrate your brand onto the lettrs network?

Yes. lettrs integrates brands through creation and curation of authentic content. A brand can own and create a collection of stamps, a custom fridge, and a series of themes branded to fit its needs.

Can lettrs work for you?

Yes. If you’re a musician, poet, author, screenwriter, comedian, stay-at-home-dad, or business pro, lettrs can work for you by personalizing authentic content in the way you were meant to share it.

Can I integrate lettrs with my personal website or business website?

Yes. lettrs will give a business or personal website a custom link to allow for integration directly into lettrs from your website’s homepage.

Can I use the lettrs official logo to integrate with the brands I work with?

Yes. lettrs does offer custom packages for public use of the lettrs official logo. Please contact for more information.

Does lettrs cost money?

No! lettrs is totally free to use..

What should I do if I think I’ve discovered a bug or error?

Send us an email at, or write to the lettrs Staff account at PO Box 10001.

What is the difference between Private Letters and Open Letters?

Open letters are visible to anyone on the platform; private letters are only visible to the recipient unless shared.

Can I send postal letters?

No. lettrs no longer offers the ability to send physical letters.

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