lettrs Movie Edition

Quality mobile fanmail about the major themes,
with instant share on social media and global reach with 80 language translation.
Reward fans to write the actors or studio of the movie,
with special share requests for fans to win the letter recognition.
Integrated media as digital paper, interactive FanStamps, and soon audio and video.
Authenticated social autographs as limited edition
and pre-paid by fans before the movie release.
Dedicated channel in the network for your movie themes,
images and fan letters for long tail content and engagement.
A dedicated premium profile for the author of the book,
if applicable to that movie.

Super charge your movie's Social Media with signed FanMail

as an unlimited source of quality, original UGC

(User Generated Content).

 Post movie, lettrs gives your film added life and interest:

book of letters, sourced by fans across the world and about the major movie theme and universal appeal
Snapstamps for purchase that give a fan a chance to win an autographed message from the movie cast members 
FanStamps that show the behind the scenes footage or clips of the film being made (behind a pay wall)
Youtube letter readings of the best fan letters as read by the actors
A second writing prompts to allow fans to write ideas about the sequel or next season episodes 

Previous collaborations:

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For more information on Desert Dancer.

“The United Way NYC commemorative stamp and content was viewed by more people on lettrs in one week than our whole web site in one day.” – United Way, NYC

“Our movie’s international message of freedom came to life with freedom letters in 80 languages and boosted the appeal of the Desert Dancer story.” – Relativity Media

“Working with lettrs has been a true partnership where we are able to share ideas, collaborate, and help one another support our missions.” – Marie Mimiaga, The Society of Torch & Laurel

“We were thrilled to see our visibility skyrocket. lettrs helped us reach out and connect with supporters across the world – NYC to Mumbai. lettrs is the platform that brings quality.” – Sundara Fund

“Love, Her is made of the many individuals from lettrs who’ve each left a part of themselves in this film to finally help it come alive.” – Joel Thottan, Weaver Films