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Why This is Important to Us

Meaningful communication among today’s students is becoming a lost art as social media and mobile devices reward quantity and speed over quality and time. Kids impulsively “like,” comment, “tweet,” and text their friends in short bursts of abbreviated code. The result is the ability to write a thoughtful, reflective, well-composed expression of thought is atrophying like a little-used muscle. It’s a generational skill deficit, and it creates new challenges in both the learning and teaching of writing. Research shows that 2/3 of tomorrow’s jobs will require a college degree, and we know that kids need to write in college! But even non-college students need the ability to clearly communicate in writing. lettrs built a platform to fill this need for “quality communications” called Literacy through Letters.

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Benefits to Teachers & Students:

lettrs offers three important benefits to teachers and students:

  1. Creating letters as a vehicle to practice the skills of drafting, rewriting, editing, and receiving feedback.
  2. Creating a living archive of contemporary society through lettrs’ ability to curate content.
  3. Making a trove of “old” letters available for intergenerational understanding, historical context, and to keep us from repeating the mistakes of the past. This powerful combination gives teachers a new and exciting tool to promote writing in a way that engages students in their own stories.

Potential Impact of Teachers using lettrs

  • Higher student achievement results on assessments based on the Common Core Standards. Lettrs includes writing tips from the Common Core Standards specific to letter/persuasive writing.
  • Accelerates reading and writing skills, providing a greater “cause” to write.
  • Closes the communication gap between generations and acts as a powerful tool for development and alumni relations.
  • Students can benefit greatly from the longevity and tradition of letter writing and correspondence, as a core part of their curriculum.
  • Offers a “quiet space” for students to correspond with quality.
  • Help students to develop personal affirmations in life through letters of purposeful permanence.