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– Former Facebook Enthusiast

“Lettrs basically transforms your device into a personal writing desk, letting you compose letters digitally while giving them an authentic handwriting feel.” – Paul Sawers, TNW
“Instead of just posting your 140 characters into the same stale system everyone else is using, lettrs provides you with an environment you control.” – Jerry Hildenbrand, Android Central
“Lettrs revives long form communications with an app that encourages you to write the old fashioned way.” – Kate Russell, BBC News
“As a writer, I have a certain love for the written word. As much as I love Twitter and Facebook, part of me yearns for a simpler time.” – Fox Van Allen, TIME Techlicious
“In an era dominated by social media, the quality of our long-distance interactions is diminishing. There’s only so much you can see in a 140-character tweet.” – Matt Petronzio, Mashable


Messages that matter should look like it! Get creative with themes, stamps, and even add your signature or doodle.


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